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When Does Home Inspection Training Begin?

by Nov 19, 2021Your Career0 comments

When people ask when our next class starts, our response is usually, “A better question to ask is, ‘How soon will I be ready to take control of my future and stop leaving it in the hands of a large corporation?’”

Personally, I wasn’t happy in corporate America for several reasons.  I had to ask a year in advance for my vacation time, take work home nearly every night, and even work while on vacation!  The worst part of working for someone else is in presenting an idea that gets shot down immediately, only for the boss or supervisor to then implement it – taking all the credit for himself!  That kind of life is demeaning and punishing.  Who wants to live like that for 40 plus years hoping to retire with a 401k that the economy didn’t destroy last year?  I’d rather build something meaningful like a solid business that I can sell or pass on to my kids if they want it.

Becoming a home inspector is about more than just making a good living – it’s a lifestyle.  You choose your own schedule and make your own decisions.  No one can hold your job over your head if you need the afternoon off to catch your children’s ball games.  Being an independent home inspector represents freedom to live the kind of life you want to live.

So, when does training begin?  It begins when YOU’RE ready.  We have classes starting every month, and depending on where you live , you may even be able to start your courses TODAY!  Give us a call today at 877.51.HI.TEC and let one of our admissions experts help get you started on your personal path to freedom!

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