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Our Curriculum

Home Inspector Training Course

everything you need!

As always, everything about our curriculum is the latest information available in the industry to give you that high ground advantage you’ll need when starting your new career as a home inspector!

You’ll gain a complete understanding of Home Inspections as a career and a lifestyle. Whether you enroll in a live class or just the LMS Experience, here’s what the course covers:

The Technical:


Introduction to Home Inspections


Report Writing


















Insulation, Moisture Management, and Ventilation




Chimneys and Fireplaces

exam Preparation:


Review OF Materials


Final exam


advanced exam Prep

and to get the phone ringing:


How to Market For Success

Getting Started

Step 1

We need to determine whether licensing is required in your state.  Click here to find out.

Step 2

Call us at 877.51.HI.TEC


Step 3

Choose your training options, enroll, and schedule your class – it’s that simple!

From Past Students & Graduates

“Everything you teach works, and everything you said would happen has happened…I spent 5 days marketing last week and got 4 inspections from it this week! I feel fortunate for having the opportunity to know you and learn from a true master of the craft.”

Student, New Perspective Inspections

“I had the privilege of having Derik as an instructor this past summer (2021). As a student of his, I was excited and eager to find out what that day’s lessons were going to be and how he was going to present them to us as a class. To say the least he was "spot on " every day. He not only gave descriptive examples, stories and experiences, but is able to do it in a way that is easy to follow along with. When I completed the 5-day course with Derik I felt more inspired to continue in with the field of Home Inspection than I did then I entered! Quite an accomplishment, being the material we were covering was Washington state law!...
As a student of his he made us feel extremely comfortable with him and approachable. Encouraging us to ask him any questions. He was more than willing to stay after class for as long as it took, to be sure we were comfortable with the material he had gone over for that day.
I feel Derik prepared our class very well and prepared us to successful in the field. I would recommend anybody I knew that was looking to get into the trade to take him as a course instructor.”
Justin A.

Student, Washington

"I had the pleasure of being a student of Derik Pomaville while working on my home inspector certification. Derik’s teaching style is fantastic. He really lays out the material in a fun, interesting and easy to follow format which I’ve been able to apply and retain. Derik always treated his students respectfully and considerately, even when some were extremely difficult to tolerate. I found Derik Pomaville to be a professional I’d be proud to model myself after. I went to great care when choosing a company to get my home inspector training through and I’m confident I made the right choice in becoming a student of Derik’s. In my opinion, Derik is a true professional – honest and skillful, and more than happy to teach others and help them every step of the way throughout their career. Integrity is paramount to me and that’s what comes to mind when I hear the name Derik Pomaville. If you would like to speak to me further about my experience as a student of Derik Pomaville, I can be reached at the email below."

Student, Vancouver, Washington

"I was impressed with Derik from the beginning. He was quick to return my call, and quite personable from the beginning. He was generous with his time and answered all of my questions. We settled on a date and time and when it came, Derik arrived promptly. He asked all kinds of questions, and I could tell that Derik knew what he was doing. He completed a thorough inspection and he told me when the report would be ready, and it was! The report is extremely detailed, and he even spent time with me on the phone to go through the things I didn't understand. He even provided a detailed action list with the report that was super useful in working through the details of the report. Derik is clearly an experienced, professional home inspector, and I would highly recommend him."
Kraig B.

Home Inspection Client, Former Disney Executive

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