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Experience Makes the Difference

about us

We may be new to the home inspection training industry, but HI-TEC is not new to home inspections or the education profession. We have nearly 30 years’ experience in performing home inspections and 20 years in training new home inspectors. Whether you’re an experienced tradesman or from a completely unrelated industry, our courses are designed to teach you what you need to know to be successful in the home inspection profession.

Our curriculum is the most up do date and relevant course material in the industry. It contains information from the latest material available and combined with the practical experience that only comes from having performed thousands of home inspections. Our goal is more than just relaying the information you need to pass the National Home Inspector or state specific exam, we strive to help you gain a deep understanding of the technical and analytical details required to be a top performing home inspector.

From relevant photos and topical discussion to delivery and instruction methods unique to the industry, HI-TEC provides you the ability to start a career in home inspections and excel whether working for a multi-inspector firm or as an independent business owner.

What Sets Us apart

We know you have several options to choose from when deciding who’s course to take. What makes us better than other schools? Here are just a few answers:

No gimmicks

No false guarantees, no classroom sales pitch, just useful skills and relevant knowledge. Our goal is to create the most talented and prepared home inspectors in the industry. Period.

education vs. InFormation

Our philosophy is that education is more than just relaying facts and details.  HI-TEC helps you to internalize the knowledge so you can have a successful career.  Fancy gadgets and report writing apps are nice, but, if you can’t tell the difference between a hot and a neutral wire, they’re not very useful.

small but Big

Most schools are either owned by large corporations or run by people who haven’t taught a class or performed a home inspection in years – if ever. We’re a fully American owned and operated company with big skills aimed at helping you succeed. YOUR success is OUR success.

always Up To Date

Codes change on a 3-year cycle. Schools that aren’t staying up to date are turning out unprepared inspectors. When you call other schools to discuss their offerings, ask them when the last time was they updated their textbooks or classroom materials.  You may be surprised to find it’s been several years.  Our curriculum is entirely up to date… always!

always there For You

HI-TEC follows though and delivers on every promise we make. No ignored emails or phone calls, and an answer to your question every time.  Our 24-hour response guarantee means your clients won’t be waiting around for answers and you won’t have to guess at anything!

Our Team

Derik Pomaville


Derik Pomaville has been helping his clients make more informed purchase decisions as a home inspector since 1994. With a diverse background in insurance, executive management, and training and development, the home inspection industry seemed like a perfect fit for his technical aptitude and communication skills. For nearly 3 decades, and with more than 5,0000 inspections performed, Derik has sought to better his knowledge through constant and ever evolving education of the profession.

In 2003, he was offered the opportunity to teach a small part of a home inspection class and that’s when he rediscovered his passion for teaching. Since that time, Derik has conducted over 1,000 classes, authored dozens of online and live courses, and presented continuing education training at the InterNACHI conference in Las Vegas. To better serve the industry, Derik served as a board member on the Washington State Home Inspector Advisory Board.

His students rave about his fun and engaging style of instruction and sense of humor in his live classes. A prospective home inspector will not find a better instructor or presenter with more relevant credentials than Derik Pomaville and the HI-TEC team.

Becky Pomaville


Becky Pomaville is the mother of 8 children whom she personally homeschooled for 26 years. With degrees in Christian Education, Spanish and History, she also earned a Doctorate in law from Northwestern University, where she graduated with honors.

Becky brings a unique perspective in education to the HI-TEC business model where she is involved not only in curriculum development and presentation, but all matters related to home inspector compliance throughout the United States. Her attention to detail and educational background ensure every HI-TEC student has all the knowledge they need to get started in their new career as a home Inspector.

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