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What’s the Benefit to a Home Inspector Doing Termite Inspections?

by Feb 8, 2022Your Career

The answer is simple, really: MORE INCOME! Just make sure you do your research, are properly certified, and have insured your business for the additional risk.

Why do Termite Inspections?

I’ve mentioned in many of my articles how we should always look for ways to make the real estate agents’ job easier without compromising our ethics and standards.  Doing termite inspections is a great example of how a home inspector can do just that.

When the agent only has to make one call for two appointments, it’s a big win for them. We have to remember how agents are not technically oriented people.  Most of them find details to be necessary evils that are better served by others.  It’s why they sell real estate and DON’T inspect homes.  Making one call to accomplish two services makes their job easier, and the result is you’re a more desirable inspector.

Getting CertiFied

Every state is different when it comes to certifying termite inspectors.  You’ll have to do the research for your state and find out whether a license is even required.  In most states. Licensing is required for pest inspectors. 

It usually involves education and the passing of an exam, similar to your home inspector license.  In my home state of Washington, for example, getting licensed is as simple as passing the exam, posting a bond, and that’s all.  In other states, like Arizona, however, it requires mentoring or supervision of someone with a more complete business owner’s license. 

Either way, it won’t hurt you to look into the licensing requirements for your state.

additional Insurance

If you’re a professional home inspector, it’s likely you carry errors and omissions insurance for your business.  You always want to talk to your insurance agent when adding more services like radon testing or termite inspections.  Don’t assume your policy will cover you for the additional inspection because most of them don’t.  The good news is that most insurance companies can add this coverage to your existing policy (or include it from the very beginning) and it’s usually very affordable. 

additional Income

Most pest inspectors charge anywhere from $80-150 for a structural pest inspection. Let’s say you’re doing 500 inspections a year and only 50% of your clients agree to have you perform the structural pest inspection and provide the termite report they need for the lender.  250 Inspections x $100 = $25,000 in additional revenue for very little additional work.  The best question you can ask yourself at this point is. “Why NOT do termite inspections?”


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