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How to Become a Home Inspector

by Nov 25, 2021Your Career0 comments


Whether you’re looking for a career where you can use a little more brain and a lot less brawn or believe there’s more to life than sitting chained to a desk, home inspections just might be the career for you.

Knowing where to start is the first step to having that independent, self-employed lifestyle, and HI-TEC wants to be a part of that process with you.  We have been teaching home inspection certification courses since 2003 and performing home inspections since 1994.  While we may not be the biggest or the oldest, we’re certainly the most relevant and up to date choice for your home inspection training with the latest textbooks and code reference materials of any other school in the country.

State Licensing Laws

Click here to find your state’s basic requirements.

Choosing a school

There’s more to a school than just how long they’ve been around.  Are they US based, or owned by an overseas company? Do your research. Are they approved by your state’s governing/licensing agency?  See our previous blog “How to Choose a Home Inspection Training Company” for a great article on how to choose the best school and avoid costly mistakes.

Pre-licensing education

Home inspections are technical, so, even if your state doesn’t require licensing, a formal education from an experienced school is still the best way to prepare for your new career.

Pass the exam

A soon as you can after completing the education process, you should schedule and take your state’s exam. Nearly every state (with licensing requirements) requires a passing score on the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE).

Send in your application.

HI-TEC will make sure you have all the information you need to complete this important step.

Start your business!

Start marketing and recouping your investment.  Know your state’s continuing education requirements and stay on top of your knowledge.

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