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How Long Does it Take to Become a Home Inspector?

by Jan 11, 2022Your Career

We could just say 4-6 weeks, but, other than which school you choose the three main factors for determining how long it will take you to go from the start of your class to your first fee paid home inspection are. 1) State licensing requirements, 2) Format of the class (live class vs. self-study), and 3) Your personal study habits.  We’ll briefly expand on each one starting with:

1: State Licensing Requirements

While every state has its own number of hours required for education, ranging from about 60 to 120, the core curriculum is often the same.  Some states, like Washington, however, require additional content other states do not such as termites, radon, code, and other topics.   HI-TEC’s material is approved in a number of licensing states, and we have the best material for becoming a home inspector even if you live in a state without licensing requirements. 

In addition to education and passing the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE), some states may include a field training component as a requirement.  Again, every state is different.   Some states require field training in hours (NY, WA), while others require it in a specific number of inspections (i.e. AZ, MA, MN). The one thing all states have in common is the field training must be with a licensed home inspector.

Click here to scroll down and find your state’s licensing requirements to get a better idea of how long your education and field training, if any, will take. You can also call HI-TEC at 1.877.51.HI.TEC (877.514.4832) and talk to one of our admissions reps if you prefer.

2: Format oF the Class

As with prelicensing educational hours, some states require live classroom training, while others allow for independent, self-paced, distance learning courses. If your state requires live classroom training, expect to spend anywhere from 3 to 14 days in a classroom with an instructor depending on the number of educational hours required.

If your state does not require live classroom training, you may opt for a fully online distance learning course where you can work at your own pace. Completing these classes will depend upon the individual and the amount of time they can dedicate to working on it. In addition, personal reading and comprehension skills will play a big part in completing the course material. This leads us to:

3: Personal Study Habits

Even if you take a live class, independent study is necessary to prepare for the NHIE.  Very few people can listen to 60 to 120 hours of lecture and retain enough to pass a comprehensive exam like the NHIE without additional study time. 

So, no matter which course you choose, live or distance learning, your individual skills and habits are probably the most significant factor in determining how long before you can get licensed and start inspecting. We’ll cover study habits in another blog for those of you (like I was) haven’t spent much time in a classroom in the last 25 years or so.

For now, if I were to put it in general terms based on experience, I’d say plan on 4-6 weeks if you’re working on the materials part time while working a full-time job.  If you can dedicate yourself full time to the course materials, that will reduce the study time.  I’ve seen people complete the course and pass the NHIE in less than 21 days.


HI-TEC thinks like a school AND a business.  We have live classes and a fully self-paced curriculum to suit the many needs of our students.  We discuss everything about the home inspection career in every class we teach.  Like we’ve mentioned so many times, we want to be a part of your success and that means teaching you everything we know about passing the exam and starting your career.  It’s how we give you the high ground advantage.  We’re better because we focus on the core competencies you need to get started. We’ve worked for the biggest schools in the country.  We know what students need to be successful, and how to best provide everyone with the knowledge and skills required to make home inspections a lifelong career. We don’t make sales pitches in class, and we teach the marketing in every class so you can get licensed, get marketing, and start recouping your investment right away.

Give us a call at 877.51.HI.TEC and let one of our admissions experts help you get the answers you need!

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